With the Town of Danville ready to begin implementation of a new ordinance targeting false alarms, residents are being encouraged to register their alarms with the Town during the month of December.

Under the ordinance approved Sept. 20, 2011, fines will be assessed when a residential or commercial alarm sends out a false signal.  Town of Danville Crime Prevention Specialist Mike Wells said that according to national statistics, 94-98% of alarms are false.


On a first offense, a warning letter is issued, the second offense is a $50 fine, $150 for a third offense and all additional offenses during that year will be fined $300.


During the month of December, Wells said they will be working to make residents aware of the alarm ordinance and the necessity of registering alarm systems and learning proper system operation. Applications to register alarms are available for download or fill in online.


For more information, contact Crime Prevention Specialist Mike Wells at (925) 314-3707 or mwells@danville.ca.gov