Danville PD Offers Tips for a Safe Halloween 


With Halloween just one week away, the Danville Police Department is offering several tips to residents to help keep the holiday a safe one for the younger ghouls and goblins.  Some of the tips compiled by the police department include:  

  • Younger children should always be accompanied by an adult.    
  • Older children should travel in groups, following an established route in a familiar area.  Establish a return time and make sure they have a watch or cell phone with them. 
  • Although candy tampering is rare, tell your children to bring the candy home to be inspected before consuming anything.  Look at the wrapping carefully and toss out anything that looks suspect.   
  • Walk on the sidewalk and carry flashlights.  When selecting a costume, try to wear light colors or reflective costumes for greater visibility.   Costumes should fit well enough so they are not a tripping hazard. 
  • Visit homes that are well-lit.  Remain on the porch for your candy, as there is no reason to go inside a home. 
  • Homeowners should make sure that the front yard is clear of hazards, such as toys, hoses, or decorations that might cause someone to trip. 

Police Chief Steve Simpkins said officers will be on the streets keeping a lookout on Halloween, but following these safety tips will help minimize any potential hazards to trick-or-treaters. 

“This is a fun holiday for people of all ages,” Simpkins stated, “and we want to make sure it stays that way.” 

For more information, contact Crime Prevention Specialist Mike Wells at (925) 314-3707 or mwells@danville.ca.gov.