Danville Police have arrested two men in connection with an armed robbery Thursday night outside the McDonalds restaurant on Camino Tassajara.

According to police, the incident occurred around 9:00 p.m. Thursday night when the victim was arranging to meet a buyer for his iPhone 4 outside the McDonald’s. When the buyer showed up, he pulled out a knife and robbed the victim. After the robber ran away, the victim returned home and called police about thirty minutes later. The victim returned to McDonald’s to meet officers to start an investigation. When police were canvassing the scene of the crime with the victim, he reported seeing the robber inside the McDonalds. The suspect and another unidentified male fled from McDonalds and ran into nearby neighborhoods. A police k-9 unit and helicopter were unable to locate the pair Thursday evening.

Detectives and patrol officers conducting the investigation determined the two suspects were working together in the case and were able to piece together the identity of both suspects. Taken into custody late Friday evening were Andrey Neshcheret, 23, Danville, and Jack Young, 18, Danville.

Nescheret was booked for robbery and brandishing a deadly weapon. Young was booked for robbery. Both are currently being held at the Martinez Detention Facility on $50,000 bail.

For more information, contact Detective Sgt. Allan Shields at (925) 314-3703 or ashields@danville.ca.gov.