PD Programs offer wide variety of services to community

DPD Comm Progs1 

Everyone knows that the Danville Police Department provides law enforcement 24/7 throughout the Town. They patrol the neighborhoods, investigate crimes and have an impressive record of finding the bad guys in Town.  But what many people don't know is that the Police Department also maintains a presence in the schools, offers car seat inspections and instructions on correct installation, checks your house while you're on vacation and even provides a citizens academy so that residents can learn more about the police and how they operate.

As part of a wide-scale pro-active approach, the Danville Police Department has put into place a number of programs to assist the community through the help of their officers and a veritable army of volunteers who give thousands of hours to the community each year.

Crime Prevention Specialist Mike Wells has overseen the addition of new programs designed to raise awareness of criminal activity in Town and encourage residents to crime prevention1communicate with the police.  Wells introduced Crime Mapping to the Town as well as the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).  He works closely with police staff to continue to bring more information and tools to the community.

Other programs include safety seat inspections. Residents can make an appointment with the Police Department to have their seat inspected.  A police volunteer meets with the citizen, takes a look at the car seat and determines if it has been correctly installed.  They also provide instruction and advice on how best to keep children safe in car seats. 

DPD Comm Progs2School Resource Officers (SROs) are another way in which the police department works to interact with the community in a positive and pro-active manner.  SROs are stationed at both San Ramon Valley High School and Monte Vista High School.  A third SRO splits her time between the various elementary and middle schools in Danville.  The SROs conduct information sessions with students on such topics as Stranger Danger and Cyber Bullying.  They are also available to administrators in the event that a police presence is needed at the school.  

Residents going out of town can inform the PD of their plans and request Vacation House Checks.  Officers on patrol will be notified if a resident in their patrol area is out of town and they will provide a check of the residence. 

In addition, police officers provide assistance at major events in Town such as the 4th of July parade and the Holiday Tree Lighting.  Community Service Officers provide bike rodeos and other safety related information to Town youth. 

To learn more about the many programs offered by the Danville Police Department, check out the Community Services page of the Town's website.