Road Relationships

Share our Streets takes aim at fostering empathy on Danville's roadways


Summer in Northern California is a time when outdoor activity reaches its peak.  For Danville, that means the Iron Horse trail is a constant Share Our Street1 beehive of pedestrian and cyclist activity, as are many of the area's roadways.  With that much additional traffic out and about, it is inevitable that there will sometimes be conflicts between those on foot, on bikes and in cars. 

With that thought in mind, the Town of Danville is announcing a new summer-long program aimed at improving communication between those three user groups and fostering a sense of shared purpose in keeping everyone safe.

Share Our Streets, a joint effort between the Town of Danville's Transportation and Police Departments, is designed to raise awareness for those using the Town's roads and promote an atmosphere of courtesy and safety.  The campaign, which gets underway June 21, 2011, will take a three phased approach to educating the various user groups.

Phase 1, which runs from June 21 - July 18, will focus on educating pedestrians, cyclists and drivers of the need for a shared awareness of those others on the road and how to best be safe while using the road.  Police officers and volunteers will be out and about passing out informational brochures on safety.  The brochures will include tips for the three groups on how to best use the roadway and avoid accidents.

Phase 2, which runs July 21 - August 15, police will begin a more active enforcement of the rules of the road.  Officers will have the option of issuing warning tickets, rather than hand out citations for minor traffic infractions.

Phase 3, which runs August 15 - September 9, will see police taking a very active role on the roads.  Officers will be strictly enforcing driving, cyclist and pedestrian laws, and will have the option and ability to city any serious traffic violation.


Some tips for maintaining safety on the roads include: 

Drivers:            Be alert- watch out for pedestrians and cyclists at all times
                        Be responsible - yield to pedestrians at crossings
                        Be patient - drive the speed limit and avoid aggressive driving

Cyclists:           Be respectful - obey traffic laws, ride single file and use designated bike lanes where possible
                        Be alert - watch for vehicles and pedestrians, don't talk on cell phones while riding
                        Be smart - never ride without a helmet

Pedestrians:    Be safe and be seen - make yourself visible to drivers
                        Be smart -  look both ways before crossing, don't talk on a cell phone while crossing the street
                        Be considerate - when walking hand-in-hand or pushing a stroller, be considerate of other foot traffic


Following basic safety rules will ensure a safe and fun travel experience for all involved. 


For more information on Share Our Streets, contact Transportation Program Coordinator Nat Rojanasathira at (925) 314-3382 or,  or Sgt. Brad Harms at (925) 314-3722 or