Possible Mountain Lion Sighting

Resident near Osage Station Park reported sighting Monday night

Residents around the area of Osage Station Park are encouraged to exercise caution after a homeowner reported sighting what may have been a mountain lion Monday evening.

In the April 11, 2011 incident, the witness said he was in his backyard around 7:00 p.m. when he saw two deer running along the San Ramon Creek.  Moments later he saw another creature moving along the creek in the opposite direction. He described it as brown, larger than 100 pounds with a long tail.  He told police he was reasonably certain he was seeing a mountain lion.

Danville Police Lieutenant Jeff Moule said that the Town has informed the State Department of Fish and Game.

In addition, flyers will be posted at the entrances to the park warning residents of the possible sighting and offering tips if a mountain lion is encountered.  These tips include:

  • Do not approach a mountain lion
  • If a mountain lion is encountered, do not run. Pick up small children, face the animal and make noise
  • Do not hike, bike or jog alone especially at dawn, dusk or night.

Any person sighting a mountain lion is asked to immediately contact the Danville Police Department at (925) 820-2144 or by dialing 9-1-1.

For more information, contact Danville Police Lieutenant Jeff  Moule at (925) 314-3700 or jmoule@danville.ca.gov.