Four arrested in commercial burglaries

Group worked as team to steal over $1,000 in items from area stores

A timely phone call from a sharp-eyed employee resulted in the arrests of four individuals in connection with burglaries at two Danville stores.  Police Chief Steve Simpkins said they received a call at 11:45 a.m. Sunday morning from an employee at CVS Pharmacy, 650 San Ramon Valley Boulevard, who had spotted a woman in the store who had previously stolen items.

Officers were dispatched to the scene and proceeded to stage outside the store. When the woman and three accomplices attempted to leave in their vehicle they were stopped. On contact, two of the suspects gave false names and two were on probation. A search of the vehicle turned up several hundred dollars of Walgreens items and another $100 in items taken from CVS.

Officers took statements from the suspects and reviewed videotapes from the CVS, as well as the Walgreens store, 611 San Ramon Valley Boulevard, before taking the quartet into custody. Keys from a hotel in Hayward were found on two of the suspects. A search of the hotel turned up heroin, methamphetamines and other drugs, as well as suspected stolen property.

Arrested were:

Natasha Barraza, 30, from Hayward, charged with Commercial Burglary, Conspiracy, Probation Violation and providing false information.

Anita Crabtree, 30, of Union City, charged with Possession of Stolen Property, Conspiracy

Javier Almaguer, 31, of Hayward, charged with Possession of Stolen Property, Conspiracy, Accessory to a Crime and Commission of Felony while on bail

Timothy Moore, 53, of Hayward, charged with Commercial Burglary, Conspiracy, providing false information , Impersonation of another person and Possession of Stolen Property

Simpkins said he was pleased they were able to stop what was clearly a team of criminals.

“These people obviously were experienced in what they did,” Simpkins said, “They worked together and knew exactly what they wanted.” He added, “They just made the mistake of coming to Danville to conduct their business.”

Further charges may be assessed pending the completion of the investigation. All four were transported to the Martinez Detention Facility. 

For more information, contact Det. Sgt. Allan Shields at (925) 314-3703 or