A big step in the $8.1 million Veterans Memorial Building project will be occuring in the next few weeks.  On Feb. 14, 2011, crews working on the major project laid down a bed of gravel covering up piping and conduit at the site.  This is being done to prepare for the pouring of the concrete slab that will serve as the base for the new addition to the venerable building.

While the front of the building facing out on Hartz Avenue, will be retained, the project calls for the construction of a brand new addition on the Prospect Avenue side.  This new section will house facilities for Danville seniors as well as a large communal area to be shared between the Veterans, Seniors and Community groups.  Weather permitting, the slab will be poured during the week of Feb. 21, 2011. Video of the gravel being poured can be found online.

For more information on the Veterans Memorial Building go to the project page on this website, or contact Senior Civil Engineer Michael Stella at (925) 314-3316 or mstella@danville.ca.gov.