Creek Bank Repair Project to Begin This Week

Project to cause limited road closures on W. El Pintado, Diablo Road

Construction crews will begin work Feb. 9, 2011 on the first phase of a project to restore a section of San Ramon Creek in the vicinity of the Diablo Road Bridge. Due to the yearly rain flow through the creek, the soil near the bridge abutments has eroded away, as well as an area near the adjoining sidewalk on W. El Pintado Road. 

The project will consist of building up the creek bank to armor it against the flow of fast moving storm water. In addition, retaining walls will be constructed to support the abutment and the sidewalk.  During the course of the initial work, expected to take one week, construction, crews will stage on W. El Pintado, necessitating some lane closures.  Some potential closures could also occur on Diablo Road.

Town of Danville Senior Civil Engineer Michael Stella said the preparatory work to be done next week will be the removal of a large number of non-native trees along the creekside. The removal of the trees, of the species Ailanthus Altissima or “Tree of Heaven,” was ordered by the California Department of Fish and Game as an environmental mitigation to the project.

“Obviously, removing the trees was not something we wanted to do,” explained Stella. “But because this species is invasive and crowds out native vegetation, the state has mandated that we remove them.”

The Ailanthus Altissima trees are heavy seeders, they produce chemicals which kill off all nearby vegetation and they are unappealing to browsing wildlife.

Stella said that as part of the mitigation effort, the Town will be planting several trees and shrubs to offset what is taken out. The new vegetation will of a native variety and will be planted once the repair work in the creek is finished. The bulk of the project and mitigation efforts will be undertaken during the summer.

Stella said that the project will be conducted with the utmost care for the habitat of the creek and the adjacent wildlife.

For more information on this project, contact Town of Danville Senior Civil Engineer Michael Stella at (925) 314-3316 or