As 2010 draws to a close, all of us at the Town of Danville wish you a joyous holiday season and best wishes for the New Year.  We are fortunate to be part of this unique and special community and we look forward to providing you the best service possible in the coming year.

In addition to being a time of family and celebration, the year end also presents an opportunity to take stock of our accomplishments in 2010, and look forward to 2011 and beyond.  Progress achieved in 2010 relates to both “the what” and “the how” – that is the services and community improvements delivered by your Town government, and ways in which those service are delivered have been improved.

“The What”

The positive construction bid climate allowed the Town to schedule and complete a large number of capital projects in 2010. 

  • One of the most exciting projects to get underway this year was the $8.1 million renovation and expansion of the Veterans Memorial Building and Senior VH-groundbreaking-gold-shovels Center. Ground was broken in July, with an anticipated completion date in December 2012. 
  • Roads continued to be a primary focus this year. Through various programs and grants, the Town has embarked on numerous projects designed to repair and improve miles of Danville roadways. Some of these include the $5.8 million SAFETEA-LU funded project to rehabilitate Camino Tassajara and Crow Canyon Road and the repaving of Green Valley and Diablo Roads.
  • The Town partnered with PG&E to replace over 300 street lights along Camino Tassajara with new LED lights that improve the quality of the light while reducing energy consumption by 30%. 
  • The new plaza at the corner of Railroad Avenue and Linda Mesa was completed and opened.
  • Our newest public trail segment along Sycamore Valley Creek was completed, connecting Morninghome Road and Old Orchard Drive


Considerable progress was realized in terms of service delivery as well.

  • The Town continues to operate in excellent financial health.  The Town Council approved a balanced 2010/11 budget that reduced operating expenditures by 4.7% below the prior year, while maintaining service levels and healthy reserves. 
  • After a year-long study, the Town determined that Police Services would continue to be provided through a contract with the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office.  This approach allows the Town to continue to deliver a very high level of service at a cost to the taxpayers that is considerably less than similar costs for other Contra Costa Cities.
  • The Town was very happy to welcome new Police Chief Steve Simpkins in August, at the same time we bade farewell to former Chief Chris Wenzel. We wish Year in Review1 Chief Wenzel the best in his new position as Commander with the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Danville continues to be recognized for outstanding financial reporting, and in August, following the scandalous activity that became public in the City of Bell, the Town immediately posted all compensation and salary information on the Town website.
  • The Town completed its new General Plan Housing Element and held preliminary meetings on the new 2030 General Plan to be completed in 2012.  Work has begun on the development application to restore and redevelop the Danville Hotel site downtown. A new on-line parking permit process was launched to help manage the supply of free, long term parking for employees and businesses downtown
  • The highly successful STREET SMARTS Education and TRAFFIX School Bus Programs continued and expanded. The Town is very happy with the way these programs are being received and look forward to their continued success.
  • Work with our local business community saw growth in 2010, with the ongoing success of the Retail Incentive Program.  Over 60 local businesses took advantage of the assistance provided.
  •  The Town continues to offer a wide variety of diverse enrichment programs, classes and activities for all segments of our population.

“The How”

In 2010, the Town initiated “Government 2.0”, a program that will improve and enhance our “connectivity” with residents and customers by significantly expanding the use of technology to:

  • Deliver reliable, accurate and timely information to users.
  • Unveil a revamped Town website that provides real-time interactive  access to public information and online services
  • Offers a venue for online civic engagement and social collaboration; and
  • Enables businesses and organizations to utilize the Town’s technology initiatives as a foundation for the improvement and innovation of their communication efforts.

This new approach will see the Town transition from the traditional method of information and service delivery to one that is more dynamic, flexible, responsive and transparent. 

As you can see, it’s been a busy 2010 with more of the same expected in 2011.  To see a more complete picture of all that we accomplished in Danville, the Town’s Annual Report  is available for view online.

Danville continues to navigate through the challenges presented by the current economy in ways that have allowed the Town to avoid most of the organizational changes and cuts that many local governments have been required to make over the past two years.

Our Town government is committed to continuing to provide high quality services and facilities that support the exceptional quality of life offered in Danville.    Please take the time to visit the Town website at www.danville.ca.gov to see what’s new in your Town and get involved in your community.  

More photos of projects and events from 2010 can be found here


Happy holidays and best wishes for a prosperous 2011.


Joe Calabrigo

Town Manager