Danville residents interested in the many projects, programs and events happening in Town are encouraged to sign up for the Town’s E-News service as a means of keeping up to date.

Available on the Town’s website, www.danville.ca.gov, E-News can be tailored to the user. Click on the E-News link at the bottom of the home page, then choose the area of interest. Some of the categories include; Town Council; Press Releases; Job Openings: Project Pages and Publications. 

Any time that an e-mail alert is sent out on one of the chosen categories, the participant would be included in the mailing.  In the event that a new project or issue arises, simply go back to the E-News link and sign up to receive notices on those additional issues.

For more information on E-News, contact Town of Danville Public Information Coordinator Geoff Gillette at (925) 314-3336 or ggillette@danville.ca.gov.