Members of the Parks and Leisure Services Commission met Dec. 8, 2010 to continue discussions regarding the future planning for Osage Station Park in Danville. The meeting was a followup to a work session held last month where over 100 residents turned out to give their thoughts regarding what should be done with the park.

The Town is currently working on the Master Plan for the park, in order to better plan for future needs at the popular facility. The park currently houses several amenities including sports fields, play area, rose garden, tennis courts and BBQ areas.

The study session held in November laid out a number of amenities that residents felt should be priorities at the park. Commission members at their meeting discussed those priorities and created a breakdown of which are most feasible and which would be considered high priority to include in the Master Plan.

Listed as High Priority were: 

    Updated Playground
    Updated Snack Shack
    Improved Water Feature

Listed as Medium Priority were:

    Dog Drinking Fountains
    Reconfiguration of existing sports fields
    Picnic Tables
    Sidewalk Connection to Orange Blossom Rd.
    Bocce Courts
    Pathway Lighting
    Permanent Baseball Field with fence
    Swing Set
    Renovated Irrigation

Listed as Low Priority were:

    Refurbishing Rose Boxes
    Par Course
    Widening existing pathway
    Spectactor seating
    Drainage near Tennis Courts
    Refurbishing north restrooms

In addition there were several items included on a "wish list" of amenities residents would like to see at the park that were not put on the priority list.  These include:  a skate park; lighting at the sports fields; dog park; coffee kiosk and a swimming pool.

Following the meeting, Town of Danville Recreation Services Manager Michelle Lacy posted an update on the process and where the priorities are on the blog included in the Osage Station Park Master Plan Project Page on the Town's website. Comments and feedback are encouraged on the project page.

For more information on the Osage Station Park Master Plan, contact Michelle Lacy at (925) 314-3454 or