Over 100 residents turn out for scoping session

Danville Planning Commission holds meeting to look at environmental concerns

Magee Ranch Session 

The Danville Town Meeting Hall was filled with residents at the Nov. 30, 2010 special meeting of the Town Planning Commission, as members of the community turned out to identify potential impacts to be addressed in the project Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Summerhill Homes/Hap Magee Ranch development proposal.

The proposal seeks to develop 85 homes or homesites on the 410 acre Jed Magee Ranch Property. As part of the initial investigation into the proposal, the Town held a Scoping Session Tuesday to solicit the opinions of residents regarding environmental effects the project could have on the region.

Town of Danville Principal Planner David Crompton addressed the Planning Commission, giving an overview of what is being sought by the developer and the role of the Scoping Session in regards to the approval process.

Afterwards, over a dozen residents addressed the Commission, offering their thoughts on potential environmental impacts.  Some of these included:

  • Increased traffic congestion and vehicle/bicycle/pedestrian safety
  • Drainage and water pressure issues
  • Pollution and destruction of habitat
  • Aesthetic concerns regarding the view corridor

Following the public comment section, members of the Commission asked questions and discussed the concerns raised. Crompton said that the concerns raised will be factored into the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) being drafted by Denise Duffy and Associates, the Town’s EIR consultant. A draft of the EIR is expected to be completed in 6-9 months.

For those who were unable to attend but still wish to comment, the Magee Ranch Project page on the Town of Danville website has a section allowing comment.  All comments must be received by the end of the day on Dec. 16, 2010. Feedback received via the website will be added to those made at the Scoping Session and addressed in the EIR.

For more information, contact Principal Planner David Crompton at (925) 314-3349 or dcrompton@danville.ca.gov