Osage Station Park Survey Results Online

Discussions continue over master plan for Osage Station 


Results of a recent online survey regarding the future of Osage Station Park are now available for residents to view on the Town of Danville website.

The survey is one facet of the overall discussion and planning that is going into the update of the Master Plan for Osage Station Park. The park, created before the incorporation of Danville in 1982, has grown over the years to become a destination  in Town. As a result, the plan for how the park is arranged as well as any future changes, is a topic being addressed by the Town’s Parks and Leisure Services Commission.

The survey was posted online on the Town’s website, www.danville.ca.gov, and lasted three weeks.  During that time, 488 people responded.  Results found include:

  • Majority of park users are ages 6-12
  • Majority come to park to play or watch sports
  • Items considered to be high priority include age appropriate play structures and passive recreation structures.

Survey results were discussed at a Nov. 10 workshop hosted by the Parks and Leisure Services Commission.  Those interested in the process will also be able to comment on the project page devoted to the update.

Input from the survey, the comments page and other public hearings will be compiled by consultants, Verde Design, Inc., with the group then coming forward with options for the planned update for the park.

For more information on the Osage Station Park Master Plan Update, contact Henry Perezalonso at (925) 314- 3454 or hperezalonso@danville.ca.gov.