CCCSWA1At their Nov. 3 meeting, the Danville Town Council recognized the efforts of several local businesses for taking part in a new food waste recycling program engineered by the Contra Costa County Solid Waste Authority.


Under the program, food waste collected from participating businesses by Allied Waste Disposal and transported to an East Bay Municipal Utility District Water Treatment Facility in Oakland. The waste is then put into special 'digestion' units, which recycles it into methan gas which is captured and used to generate electricity. EBMUD uses the electricity to power the treatment facility and any extra goes into the PG&E power grid. The process also creates a compost-like material which is used by central valley agriculture. 



The program, which has been active for 18 months, was heartily received in Danville with several businesses taking part.  Five of those businesses attended the Nov. 4 meeting and were given certificates for taking part in the program.  The five in attendance were:

The Crown Pub
Basil Leaf Cafe'
Jules Thin Crust
Children's Choice Lunch
Sunrise Assisted Living

Others taking part, but not attending the meeting included: China Paradise, Chow Danville, Diablo Lodge, Father Natures, Faz Danville, Mangia Mi, Marcello's, Pete's Brass Rail, Thai House, That Bar, The Rising Loafer, Trader Joe's and Uncle Wang's. 

Since it began, the program has had a large effect on the waste stream from Danville. Data from the CCCSWA showed that the overall program diverted a total of 1800 tons of food waste from all participating towns.  In Danville the amount of waste diverted allowed the Town to reach a 61% diversion rate, exceeding the 50% mandated by state law.