Project Description


The project consists of an application to subdivide the approximately 410-acre site into 69 single-family lots ranging in size from approximately 10,000 square feet to about 48,000 square feet. The project proposes to locate the subdivision on approximately 30 acres on the flatter portions of the site, avoiding steeper slopes and ridgelines. The remaining approximately 380 acres would remain as undeveloped open space.

In order to accommodate the proposed project, the site would need to be rezoned to allow the proposed clustered development. The proposed project would rezone portions of the project site that are currently zoned A-4 (Agricultural Preserve District) and A-2 (General Agricultural District) to P-1 (Planned Unit Development District); a portion of the site currently zoned P-1 would also be zoned to the new P-1 district. The project would entail the construction of a new driveway from Blackhawk Road adjacent to Jillian Way, which would serve as the primary entrance to the subdivision; access to three proposed lots would be from McCauley Road.  

The proposed project would require the construction and installation of backbone infrastructure, including water supply, natural gas and electric, sanitary sewer, and stormwater detention facilities among others. Sanitary sewer services would be provided by Central Contra Costa Sanitary District. East Bay Municipal Utility District would be responsible for providing water supply, and PG&E would be responsible for natural gas and electric services.