The next phase of the $8.1 million renovation/reconstruction project at the Veterans Memorial Building began this week as crews began digging out the basement of the venerable building.  Work began on the project July 9 with demolition of the rear portion of the building located at 400 Hartz Avenue. IMG_6170 

Since that time, work crews have planted massive concrete pillars around the remaining structure and run steel girders underneath the building. The girders were put in place to stabilize the two-story building once the underlying supports were removed in preparation of the excavation. Earthmoving machines began the process of removing tons of dirt and debris from under the Veterans Building on Aug . 30.  By Sept. 3 the work was 50% complete. The work is expected to be completed within the next several weeks. 

Plans currently call for concrete foundations to be poured by late Fall.  The project is expected to be completed at the end of 2011.

For more information, contact Assistant Town Manager Marcia Somers at 314-3313 or

Click on the thumbnails below for more pictures from the excavation procedure.


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