The Town of Danville is looking for nominations in two different categories for the 2010 Design Awards. The awards, presented every two years, highlight different aspects of design and building in the Town of Danville.

Town of Danville Assistant Planner Corinne Horn said that for the 2010 awards, they are looking for nominees in the categories of Outstanding Commercial Design and Outstanding Public/Semi-Public Design. In order to be eligible for the award the project must have been completed since January 2008.

Nominations will be accepted from Sept. 1 – Sept. 24.  After that, the Design Awards Committee will examine the nominations. The Committee is made up of Design Review Board members David Banducci, Bob Combs, Douglas McQuillan, Lynn Overcashier, Marc Silveira and Jim Wood.  Once the committee makes a decision, they will make recommendations to the Town Council.

Horn said that the winners will be notified in early November, with the awards being presented at the annual Mayor’s Installation and Community Service Awards on Dec. 7.  

All nominations must be in by Sept. 24. A nomination should consist of the address of the site being nominated, and a short description of why the site should receive the award.

Nominations may be submitted by e-mail to or by regular mail to:

    Danville Planning Division

    Attn:  Corinne Horn

    510 La Gonda Way

    Danville, CA 94526

Nominations may also be submitted via e-mail to

For more information contact Assistant Planner Corinne Horn at (925)314-3395 or