Getting ready for the fall

Putting leaves in street costs Town extra in dumping costs


As Summer winds down and the leaves  fall with the changing of the seasons, the Town of Danville's Maintenance Department is preparing for an annual issue: sweeping up leaves from Town roadways.

                                                         Debris Pile 1


Maintenance Services Manager Jed Johnson said they are asking residents to make sure that when they rake up their leaves and other yard waste that they make their way into the green bins, rather than being pushed out into the street for the Town to take care of. Johnson said that having the debris in the roadway can cause a number of different problems. Some of those include:

        *        Clogging of storm drains, which can cause damage to the drain
        *        Traffic hazard from blowing leaves
        *        Debris piles attract rodents
        *        Increased costs for dumping


Johnson said that when the yard waste is picked up by the street sweepers it can no longer be considered green waste due to the presence of contaminants such as oil.  The debris is brought back to the maintenance yard (pictured above) where it remains until waste haulers take it away. This creates an additional expense for the Town. Between the extra trips the waste hauler and the additional staff time spent dealing with the pile, those costs can max out at upwards of $100,000. 

Using the green bins keeps the landscape waste out of the landfill.

For more information, contact Maintenance Supervisor Jed Johnson at 314-3450 or