With the start of 2011, California’s new building codes go into effect, including two brand new codes affecting green building practices and mandatory installation of sprinklers in residential buildings. 

The majority of the new codes adopted by the Town of Danville will be the 2010 versions of the California Fire, Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical codes, as well as the 2009 version of the Uniform Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub code. 

The two new codes, however, will bring about changes in construction in Town.  The first is the Green Building Standards Code, also known as CALGreen. CALGreen will call for mandatory requirements for both commercial and residential buildings.

The second is the California Residential Code, which will require automatic fire sprinklers in all new single-family homes and townhouses in the state of California.

For more information on the new codes or the code adoption process, contact Chief Building Official Mike Leontiades at (925) 314-3373 or mleontiades@danville.ca.gov.