The onset of summer means that many homeowners have turned their attention to pruning and landscaping their yards, or getting their gardens in place for the warm weather. With that in mind, the Town of Danville, in conjunction with the Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association, is asking residents to make careful choices in purchasing pest control products.

Following the voluntary recalls of Diazinon and Dursban as home and garden pesticides, many homeowners believe that any off the shelf pesticide is safe to use.   This is not entirely the case as a new class of pesticides, called pyrethroids, has come under scrutiny.

Pyrethroids are highly toxic chemicals that kill not only pests, but beneficial insects as well. According to the BASMAA, the chemicals have also been linked to toxicity in surface waters.

Yard and Garden pesticides are an issue with Stormwater pollution, as they wash off from rain or watering and are washed down storm drains.  Pyrethroids are found in over 900 products.

Residents are encouraged to use more environmentally friendly alternatives to Pyrethroids. provides numerous hints and tips for dealing with yard or garden pests.