CWMS1Staff and administrators at Charlotte Wood Middle School were put through their paces recently, as members of the Danville Police Department conducted an "intruder drill" at the school.

During the April 23 mock "incident", a DPD Reserve Officer entered the school posing as the father of a student at the school. In the scenario, the father was not the custodial parent and was not allowed to take his daughter from the school.  After being refused by staff, the angry man set off through the school, intending to search for his daughter. CWMS2

Staff members immediately initiated an Emergency Lockdown of the facility and notified Danville PD.  After officers arrived at the scene, they set up a perimeter and contacted office staff for information on the situation.  Once they have determined the situation, the officers conducted a search of the school and apprehended the "intruder". 

Danville Emergency Services Manager Greg Gilbert said the drill is designed to test both school and police officials.

"It is to exercise the administrative and teacher staff at Charlotte Wood Middle School and the Danville Police Department on managing an intruder on campus," Gilbert said. "The goal is to test the school's policies and procedures in real time and determine if the police and school staff can work effectively in managing the problem." 

 Gilbert said he was pleased with the results and felt the scenario was handled very well. He added that holding exercises like the one at Charlotte Wood are vital in making sure that police and school officials are ready in the event of a real emergency.