AEDs installed in Town Teen Centers

AED-installIn keeping with the Town of Danville’s efforts to be a Heartsafe Community, officials this week installed Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in Teen Centers at Los Cerros, Charlotte Wood and Diablo Vista Middle Schools.

The Teen Centers are a Town sponsored program, where students in grades 6-8 can go after school hours in a safe environment. In response to a heightened awareness of the dangers of cardiac arrest and the increase of sudden cardiac arrest cases involving teenagers, the Town Council earlier this month appropriated $6,500 in Contingency Funds to place the devices at the three locations.

Town staff are trained in both Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the use of the AEDs in the event of an emergency. AEDs provide an electric shock to the victim of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, shocking the heart back into function and keeping the victim alive until emergency care can be provided.

Danville Teen Program Coordinator Chris Waage said he was pleased to get the AEDs at the Teen Centers.

“There have been cases of teen athletes suddenly collapsing due to cardiac arrest,” he explained. “Having them (AEDs) at the Teen Centers just gives us a chance of helping in an emergency. It makes it a safer environment.”

Safety is paramount for Danville residents, according to Town Emergency Services Coordinator Greg Gilbert.
“Safety has always been our number one priority,” he said. “This is just another way we can help promote safety and increase awareness of the importance of knowing what to do in the case of a cardiac emergency.”

Gilbert urged residents who have not been trained in CPR or AEDs to register for their upcoming CPR Saturday event. On June 5, emergency services workers will be holding classes on CPR and the use of AEDs at Iron Horse Middle School and Monte Vista High School. For more information, contact Emergency Services Coordinator Greg Gilbert at 314-3700 or go to the CPR Saturday website at