Danville PD holds bank training

As part of the Town of Danville's commitment to outreach in the community, officials from the Danville Police Department this week took part in training employees of Heritage Bank on how to respond and what to do in the event of a bank robbery.

Police Chief Chris Wenzel and Investigative Sgt. Allan Shields met with over a dozen employees of the bank Tuesday and discussed what happens during a bank robbery and what employees can do to help police catch the criminals involved.

"We’re hoping to have our businesses be better prepared in the event of an emergency situation," Wenzel said. "To know what looks suspicious before, during and after a robbery."

Wenzel and Shields worked with the staff on how to recognize and remember physical characteristics about a suspect, how to respond in a high stress situation and how to preserve the crime scene after the event.

The Danville Police is making this training available throughout the business and residential community. Wenzel said they have worked with the Chamber of Commerce to hold group training for businesses on how to prevent fraud, embezzlement, shoplifting and robberies. They have also met with residents to discuss how to safeguard against home and car burglaries.

"This is a win-win for us," he explained. "We do what we can to work with the community, because they’re going to help us."

Those interested in the training are encouraged to contact Claudia Ray, Town of Danville Community Service Coordinator, at 314-3700 or cray@ci.danville.ca.us.