• All Wars Memorial

  • Located in Oak Hill Park, the All Wars Memorial is a treasure valued not just by the Danville community, but by veterans groups all throughout the San Ramon Valley.

    The memorial is dedicated to those who served and sacrificed all to assure our freedom. Access to the memorial is a pathway on the periphery of Oak Hill Park. The path is gently sloped, and wheelchair accessible.

    Some features of the memorial include bronze figures, bas relief ‘liberty’ panels, containing depictions of historical events and personages associated with different battles throughout history, a wall of historical quotations, and stone pavers dedicated to those who were served their country in time of need.

    Oak Hill Park is located at 3005 Stone Valley Road, Danville CA.

    To learn more about the All Wars Memorial, or to purchase one of the decorative pavers, go to the All Wars Memorial Foundation Webpage