• Transportation Projects & Studies

  • Residents who live, work and play in Danville are affected by transportation infrastructure that isn't managed by the Town of Danville, such as Interstate 680.  Both regional transportation projects and local development projects affect our community.


    Regional Transportation Projects

    • Interstate 680 Express Lanes Project:This project will convert existing High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes to Express Lanes on I-680 from Rudgear Road to Alcosta Boulevard (southbound) and from Alcosta Boulevard to Livorna Road (northbound). The conversion will allow single occupancy vehicles with a FasTrak device to use the express lanes. Multiple occupant vehicles (with a FasTrak Flex device) will still be able to use the express lanes for free. The project will be done largely at night and will result in lane closures. Drivers should plan on some minor intermittent delays through the work areas. For the latest project construction updates, please click HERE.
    • Interstate 680 Auxiliary Lanes, Segment 2:This project consisted of the construction of auxiliary lanes for the Northbound and Southbound directions on I-680 from Crow Canyon Road in San Ramon to Sycamore Valley Road In Danville. New soundwalls were also constructed or replaced. Construction was completed in summer 2014. The final phase of the project involves planting ground cover, vines on the sound walls, and over 4,000 trees and shrubs along both sides of I-680 corridor between Sycamore Valley Road and Crow Canyon Road. Due to the recent drought in California, the landscaping phase of the project is being implemented on a delayed schedule. Some foliage has been planted but this section of the project is expected to go through the spring of 2017. The project is funded by federal, state and local funds, as well as Measure C/J, the half cent transportation sales tax administered by CCTA. For more information and project status, please visit the Contra Costa Transportation Authority's project webpage.