• Traffic Data & Maps

  • Accurate traffic data and maps enable the Town of Danville Transportation Department to analyze and assess the efficiency of the transportation network, and make changes as needed.  Transportation maps help staff and the public visually see different segments of the transportation network, including traffic signals, speed limits, traffic volume, and more.


    Traffic Engineering Surveys are standardized surveys that are regulated by State of California laws, ensuring that survey methods are consistent throughout the state.  They include speed limit surveys, accident history and an analysis of road and traffic conditions. 

    Speed and Volume Surveys are conducted every five years along the Town's arterial streets.


    Traffic Signal Maps identify the locations of traffic signals throughout the Town.  Of the 60 traffic signals in Town, 44 are owned by the Town, 6 owned by Caltrans and 10 jointly owned by the Town of Danville and County of Contra Costa.  The Contra Costa County Public Works Department provides traffic signal maintenance for the Town under contract.   The traffic signals communicate through a wired network called the "Interconnect" system that enables the Transportation Department staff to maintain and monitor the signals throughout Town.  Click here to learn more about traffic signals.

    Real-Time Traffic Map

    Bicycle Network Map

    Roadway Classification Map

    Downtown Public Parking Map