• Traffic Calming

  • In our overscheduled and fast-paced lives, we tend to negotiate local roadways with greater ease and at higher speeds.  The increase in speeds and traffic volume has resulted in a recurring concern by residents that more vehicles are traveling faster through neighborhood and city streets.  Residents feel that the ever-growing number of speeding vehicles threatens the safety, peace and character of their neighborhoods.  Providing an efficient transportation system, while maintaining the safety of Danville’s streets is a constant challenge.

    Danville’s traffic calming efforts involve two main efforts:  arterial traffic management (calming traffic along the major or “arterial” roadways in Town) and the Town’s nationally-recognized Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP):


    • Arterial Traffic Management:  Several roads in Danville are arteries that handle high volume traffic flow to neighborhoods and points beyond.  These so-called “arterial” roads (such as San Ramon Valley Boulevard, Diablo Road, Sycamore Valley Road and Camino Tassajara) have speed limits of 30 to 45 miles per hour.  Speed humps and other traffic control devices are not suitable for calming traffic in these high volume roadways.  However, devices such as radar speed display signs and flashing beacons are.


    • Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP):  The Danville Town Council adopted the NTMP in 1996 to address age-old neighborhood traffic issues using an innovative and community-minded approach.  The Danville NTMP was the first “traffic calming” program of its kind in Contra Costa County, and strives to maintain a balance between mobility and neighborhood quality of life.  Generally, only neighborhood streets with a speed limit of 25 mph or under are eligible for the program.  For more information about this program, please download our NTMP Guidelines Booklet and application.  A list of active NTMP projects and their status is available on their project pages to the right of the page.