• Buzz Sessions: Buzz Sessions are on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. - 11 a.m. (unless otherwise noted). Buzz Sessions are free but we kindly ask you to pre-register by calling the Danville Senior Center at 925-314-3430, drop of a registration form or register online at www.danvillerecguide.com.

    Current Senior Events:

  •     05-31-2016: ABC's of Facebook

    Tamara Oskoui came to the Town of Danville after a year at Facebook. She is the Town's Facebook expert! This Buzz session will help you learn the step-by-step process of how to use Facebook, including how to set up an account, post messages, pictures and respond to posts. She will help you set up links to localized news and Town updates. She will explain how to use Facebook for family only, or set it up to include family and friends. Bring your questions and your phone/pads and learn how to use this great communication tool!

    Presenter: Tamara Oskoui, Program Supervisor, Town of Danville

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        06-02-2016: Appraisal Roadshow and Antique Event

    ANITA VENEZIA, appraiser and longtime antique dealer, will present an appraisal roadshow and antiques event where attendees are invited to bring a small antique or family heirloom to have appraised. Venezia will discuss how to identify, date and value antiques and explore their history and function. Venezia will discuss the importance of valuation appraisals of family heirlooms and personal property for estate division or insurance. 

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        06-07-2016: Water Conservation - Even after a rainy season!

    Water is an essential component of life and it is used for almost everything we do. EBMUD serves 1.3 million customers and the customer base continues to grow. This presentation will cover why it is important to save water for the long haul and how to make simple changes at home to cut your water use. Amazingly, since the 1970's, although the population has increased by 20 percent, water usage is at or below 1970's levels. EBMUD's goal is to save an additional 43 million gallons/day through 2020 and 62 MGD by 2040. Come ready to learn some interesting fun facts about your water and practical ways to protect and conserve this vital resource.

    Presenter: Kristin Bowman

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        06-14-2016: Premier World Discovery-Travel Presentation

     Come join us for a presentation of our Premier Tours for 2016. Kris Adams from Premier World Discovery will be presenting all tours and answer any questions you may have. See you there!

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        06-21-2016: Brain Health

    Learn how to keep your brain operating properly for as long as possible. Using a six dimensional model of "Optimum Life," learn about various activities and practices that have been shown to have a benefit for the brain. While dementia cannot be prevented entirely, there are things that one can do to reduce risk and hopefully slow the progression of the disease.

        06-28-2016: Alamo Travel: Ways and Joys of Cruising

    We will be highlighting the cruise lines that offer something different from the average cruise. Whether you like cruising on a large ship with casinos and Broadway shows or on a small ship with just a hundred or two fellow passengers, you can cruise both oceans and rivers on ships with themes like food, wine, music, clipper-ship sailing, National Geographic expeditions, BBC Earth, biking and more!

    Presenter: Lisa Kallen

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