• Senior Events & Buzz Sessions

  • Buzz Sessions: Buzz Sessions are on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. - 11 a.m. (unless otherwise noted). Buzz Sessions are free but we kindly ask you to pre-register by calling the Danville Senior Center at 925-314-3430, drop off a registration form or register online at www.danvillerecguide.com.

  • Current Buzz Sessions

  •     07-26-2016: Instagram for Seniors

    Join the growing community of Instagram users. It?s a great way to connect with friends, family and your community. This will be a fun, hands on Buzz Session. Bring your smartphone and wear your walking shoes! The group will be taking a short walk downtown and visiting some of our local businesses that are currently using Instagram. We will be snapping photos and posting. Join us for the morning and learn how you can have fun with Instagram and help keep you connected to your Danville community!

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        08-02-2016: A Sensible Approach to Estate Planning

    According to a 2014 study from the center on Wealth and Philanthropy at Boston College, it is estimated $58 trillion will transfer to loved ones, charities and the government during the 55 year period from 2007 through 2061. What are your plans for your portion of these funds? Who do you want to receive your assets, and on what terms, when you are gone?

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        08-23-2016: How to be Brain Fit

    In this presentation, clinical neuropsychologist, Dr. Eric Freitag, will provide information on how to develop and maintain a healthy brain. Research has demonstrated that certain lifestyle choices can have a dramatic impact on not only your overall health but also neurological health. By adopting certain healthy lifestyle choices you can lower risk for dementia and enhance overall brain functioning and well being.

    Presenter: Dr. Eric Freitag

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        08-30-2016: Maximize Your Memory: Tips and Strategies

    Presenter: Lisa Price

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  • Current Special Events

  •     08-30-2016: History/Tour of the Village Theatre Art Gallery

    Start your morning with a backstage pass and private tour of the Village Theatre/Art Gallery. Marija Blier, our Visual Arts Coordinator, will lead you through the current exhibit: A Walk in the Park, which runs from August 26-October 25. Christian Mejia, our Performing Arts Coordinator, will lead you on a historical behind-the-scene tour of the 100-year-old Village Theatre with colorful stories from its past. Did you know it was once used as a skating rink, autopsy room, dance hall, church and more? Hosted catered lunch will be provided.

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  • Senior registration for classes and programs are now available on-line at www.danvillerecguide.com. However, you may still mail or drop-off your registration forms at the Danville Senior Center.

    If you have not already done so, please set up an account prior to registering for classes. If you need assistance with setting up your account, please call the Danville Senior Center at 925-314-3430.

    Registration is available online at www.danvillerecguide.com




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