• Zoning

  • The goal of a zoning ordinance is to define the different categories of land within a community into "zones" (residential, commercial, agricultural, office, etc.) as well as to establish the range of uses and regulations applicable to each of those zones. 


    In Danville, the primary purpose of zoning is to preserve the character of the community by segregating uses that may be incompatible and regulating the kinds of activities that would be acceptable on particular parcels, height of buildings, location of building(s) on the lot (setbacks), amount of space structures may occupy, and parking requirements, among other things. 


    To determine what zoning regulations apply to a particular parcel of land, first search by parcel number (APN), address, or owner name in Danville Pioneer to obtain the applicable zoning district. The selected parcel will have a report showing zoning district, as well as Contra Costa County Assessor, jurisdictional, hazard and demographic/business information. Then, select the applicable zoning districts below to determine what regulations apply. 

    Town of Danville Zoning Map (PDF)

    Downtown Zoning Map (PDF)

    Definitions Generally (Section 32-2)


    Zoning Districts:

    Single Family Residential District Zoning Ordinance (Section 32-22)

    D-1 Two Family District (Section 32-23)

    M-30 Multiple Family Residential District (Section 32-24)

    M-25 Multiple Family Residential District (Section 32-25)

    M-20 Multiple Family Residential District (Section 32-26)

    M-13 Multiple Family Residential District (Section 32-27)

    M-8 Multiple Family Residential District (Section 32-28

    A-1 Light Agricultural District (Section 32-36)

    A-2 General Agricultural District (Section 32-37)

    A-4 Agricultural Preserve District (Section 32-38)

    Downtown Business District Ordinance (Section 32-45)

    O-1 Limited Office District (Section 32-51)

    G-1 Interchange Transitional District (Section 32-56)

    R-B Retail Business District (Section 32-60)

    C General Commercial District (Section 32-61)

    L-1 Light Industrial District (Section 32-62)

    P-1 Planned Unit District (Section 32-63)


    Zoning Regulations:

    Child Care Facilities (Section 32-126)

    Scenic Hillside and Major Ridgeline Development (Section 32-69)

    Accessory Dwelling Unit (Section 32-76)

    Sign Control (Section 32-98)

    Tree Preservation (Section 32-79)

    Wireless Communication Facilities (Section 32-70)

    Zoning Regulations Setbacks (Summary) (PDF)