• 2030 General Plan

  • The 2030 Plan carries forward the vision set forth in Danville's first two General Plans (adopted in 1987 and updated in 1999) of reinforcing the Town's unique small town character, preserving its history and scenic beauty, and protecting the community's outstanding quality of life. The preservation of these qualities was the driving force behind the Town's incorporation in 1982. Today, over 30 years later, the Town remains committed to preserving and enhancing the characteristics that make Danville unique.

    The General Plan is a State-required document that guides land use, transportation, community services, and the protection of natural resources. It expresses the values of our community and outlines priorities for the future. In addition to providing a long-range vision for the Town, the Plan provides guidance for decisions affecting change over a 15 to 20 year period.

    One of the seven State-mandated elements of the General Plan is the Housing Element. Additional information about the Town’s 2007-2014 Housing Element is available for review and download.