• Planning Services

  • The Planning Division is responsible for upholding the community‚Äôs vision to preserve the fundamental qualities that make Danville an exceptional place through the implementation of four basic principles:


    1.     Reinforce the small town character by preserving the present aesthetics and community scale.


    2.     Protect the quality of life within the existing developed areas of the community.


    3.     Couple orderly and appropriate growth with the ability to maintain high quality public facilities and services.


    4.     Protect the harmony between development and its natural environment by protecting natural resources and avoiding development of hazardous areas.


    The Planning Division reviews and processes applications for all development proposals to assure that development is in compliance with the Town's General Plan, design and development standards, Town ordinances, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and all applicable State and Regional regulations.  This division offers a responsive Code Enforcement program is to assist with maintaining and promoting residents' quality of life.  The Planning staff also provides support to the Town Council, Planning Commission, Heritage Resource Commission, Design Review Board and Historic Design Review Committee