• Code Enforcement

  • Code Enforcement is responsible for maintaining community preservation by eliminating nuisance/health/safety violations, protecting property values, enforcing residential and commercial zoning laws as well as specific Building Code violations.  This is done through public education and enforcement of the Town’s ordinances.

    Code Enforcement works with other branches of the town government as well as county departments, special districts and neighboring city code enforcement personnel.  These include Law Enforcement, Public Services, Public Works, Finance, Building, Planning, County Health Department, San Ramon Valley Fire Protections District and Mosquito/Vector Control District.


    You can report a suspected violation or ask for an investigation in four ways:

    1. In person at the Town Offices,
    2. Call the Code Enforcement Officer at (925) 314-3335
    3. Via the Town website through a complaint form, or
    4. Mail a letter to the Town Offices at 510 La Gonda Way, Danville, CA  94526.

    If you are unsure of whether the activity is a violation, call the Town office charged with the enforcement of the suspected illegal activity to receive current Municipal Code information. Some suspected violations are actually permitted activities.

    Code Enforcement FAQs
  •     My neighbor has an RV parked at their house. Who should I contact?

    If the RV is parked in the driveway, please contact Code Enforcement. Please see the Contact information at the top of the main Code Enforcement page.

    If the RV is parked in the street, please contact Parking Enforcement at 925-314-3769.

        My neighbor’s dog barks all day and night. What can I do?

    The Town’s ordinances do not address barking dogs. It is recommended that you keep a log of the dog’s barking and discuss the problem with your neighbor. Many times, your neighbor is not aware that the dog is barking or that it is disturbing others. For issues regarding animals in the community, please contact Contra Costa County Animal Services at http://www.co.contra-costa.ca.us/59/Animal-Services.

        My neighbor’s tree branches overhang onto my property and are dropping leaves into my yard – can the Town make them trim the branches or remove the tree?

    The Town does not have the authority to require a property owner to trim or remove any of their vegetation unless it encroaches into a public right-of-way - impeding either pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

    The Town does not typically require private trees to be removed or trimmed to resolve neighbor disputes. The Town recommends that neighbors try to communicate with each other to work out their disputes. Neighbor Law, by Cora Jordan, is a resource that can help when researching the legal aspects of tree impacts of private property. If the matter cannot be resolved through communication, the parties may choose to use the services of mediation or a civil court process.

        My neighbor’s yard is very messy. What can Code Enforcement do?

    Code Enforcement can work with the property owner to clean up parts of the property. Code enforcement works with property owners and tenants to remove or screen from public view inoperable vehicles, RVs, and junk. The Town does not enforce the general maintenance of front yards such as tall weeds and dead lawns. If you live in an area with a Home Owner’s Association (HOA), please contact the HOA to see if they have more stringent regulations than the Town.

        Will the Town repair the sidewalk in front of my home?
    Maintaining the sidewalk and curb in good repair is the responsibility of the abutting property owner. If you have further questions, please contact Development Services at 925-314-3310.