• Home Occupancy Permits

  • If you wish to operate a business using your home as your business location, you are required to register and obtain the proper approvals prior to operating the business by doing the following:

    Any Danville business that does not have a commercial storefront, office, or commercial/industrial location is considered to be a home-based business, even if the sales or services are performed outside the residence.  Post office boxes, whether U.S. or private, can only be used as mailing addresses and cannot be registered as commercial locations.  Also, rented storage facilities may not be used as your business location.


  • Home Occupation: Conditions of Approval

    The use must not change the residential character of the dwelling or area, and is subject to the following conditions and criteria:

    1. A home occupation compliance report shall be processed through the Planning Division.

    2. A business license application shall be processed through the Finance Department as applicable.

    3. The home occupation shall not create any direct, in-person retail sales transactions conducted at the premises.

    4. The home occupation shall not generate pedestrian or vehicular traffic or parking demand or vehicular deliveries beyond the normal to the residential district.

    5. Not more than 25% of the gross floor area of the dwelling unit, or six hundred square feet of gross floor area on the site including accessory structures, whichever is less, shall be devoted to the home occupation.

    6. The home occupation shall not involve employment of help other than the members of the resident family and one assisting non-family employee.

    7. No parking or storage of employee's vehicles in the neighborhood shall occur for employees who perform functions of the home occupation away from the premises.

    8. No storage or display of materials, goods, supplies, or equipment related to the operation of a home occupation shall be visible from outside the premises.

    9. The home occupation shall not involve the use of advertising or business identification signs on the premises except that one nameplate indicating name/occupation only is permitted, not to exceed one-half square foot area.

    10. No mechanical, electrical, or other equipment shall be used, nor shall a home occupation be conducted in any manner, which creates a nuisance or is noxious, offensive, or hazardous by reason of vehicular traffic, noise, electrical or magnetic interference, vibration, particulate matter, odor, heat, humidity, glare, refuse, radiation, or other objectionable emissions or effects.

    11. In no way shall the appearance of the structure be altered, or the occupation within the residence be conducted in a manner, that would cause the premises to differ from its residential character either by the use of colors, materials, construction, or lighting.

    12. The use of the garage for home occupation activities shall not result in the decrease in the amount of required off-street parking required for the premises.

    13. The number of home occupations at one address is not limited except the cumulative impact shall not exceed these regulations.