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  • The Danville Police Department has 39 employees who proudly serve the residents of Danville.  This dedicated group consists of 31 Officers, and 8 Civilian Support Personnel.  In addition there are 8 Reserve Officers, and 19 Volunteers in Policing that help us deliver services to the 44,000 residents.

    The department is organized into the following specialized units and teams, staffed by both sworn and civilian personnel: Administration, Patrol, Investigations, Traffic, School Resource, and Community Services.

    Our dedicated staff is committed to providing the highest quality of policing services to the Town's residents and businesses in order to enhance community safety.  To do this, we pledge to take a leadership role in developing partnerships and resolving problems within the community.  Our goal is to improve the quality of life and prevent crime in the Town of Danville.

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  • Message from
    Chief Simpkins:

    Chief S.smallTaking a look back, 2013 was a very good year in Danville.  Our crime statistics for 2013 show that, with our community’s assistance, our proactive approach to law enforcement is sending a message to those criminals who think Danville is a place to ply their trade.


    In 2013, we saw a 7% decrease in property crimes and a 5% decrease in traffic collisions.  These are outstanding statistics; however, where we see room for further improvement is in the area of situational awareness.  Many of the crimes in our Town are based upon opportunity.  And that’s where you, the residents, come in.  We can use your help in spreading the message about keeping property safe.  Sharing that message and remembering that criminals seek easy targets can help further reduce crime.


    Criminals are always going to take the easiest path to their goal.  Several bad guys have admitted to our investigators that they intentionally come to our area in search of easy targets.  If the bad guys don’t see a purse or other valuables sitting out on the front seat of the car waiting to be stolen, they are much more likely to move on.


    The same theory applies for your homes.  Keeping bikes, toys and other items safely in the garage with the door closed significantly reduces the chance that someone will walk off with them.  Checking that exterior lights work and ground floor windows are closed and locked also adds to the safety and security of your home, and serves as a strong deterrent to thieves.


    Working together, let’s continue to drive the message home that Danville is NOT the place to come when looking to commit a crime.


    Have a great 2014!


    Chief Steve Simpkins
    Danville Police Department
    (925) 314-3700