• PACE Clean Energy Financing

  • About PACE Programs

    State legislation enables cities and counties to allow property supported financing in which property owners voluntarily obtain financing for the acquisition and installation of energy efficiency, water conservation and renewable energy improvements to real property, including homes and commercial buildings. Property owners would repay the financing through payment assessments or special taxes on their property tax bills over a set period of time.

    PACE financing addresses two major financial hurdles to capital-intensive energy efficiency and renewable energy projects: the high up-front costs and the potential that those costs will not be recovered upon sale of the property. With PACE financing, there is a low upfront cost to the property owner, and if the property is sold before the investors are repaid, the new owner may assume responsibility for the remaining assessments as part of the property’s annual tax bill.

    PACE Programs help finance a variety of products, including: solar panels; electric vehicle charging stations; wall, attic and roof energy efficiency projects; central air conditioners, lighting controls, automatic pool covers, artificial turf, drought tolerant landscaping, rainwater catchment systems and other improvements.

    On March 17, 2015, The Danville Town Council authorized the CaliforniaFIRST, Figtree, HERO and Ygrene PACE programs to operate within the town limits.

  •     AllianceNRG Program

    The AllianceNRG Program is a public/private partnership with the Town of Danville that allows residential and commercial property owners to finance up to 100% of their energy, water, renewable and seismic upgrades with no credit check. The AllianceNRG Program is the exclusive PACE provider to the City of San Francisco's Earthquake Safety Implementation Program (ESIP) and is one of the largest PACE providers in the nation. The AllianceNRG Program offers fixed rates and payment terms for up to 30 years with repayments made through the owner's property taxes.

    To learn more about this powerful financing alternative, visit us at www.AllianceNRG.com or call us at (855)431-4400 and start the application process right away.

        CaliforniaFIRST Program

    Headquartered at the Oakland Civic Center, CaliforniaFIRST is the Bay Area's hometown favorite among PACE Financing providers, offering water conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy project financing to homeowners and commercial, multi-family, agricultural, and industrial property owners. Our CEO Cisco DeVries is known as the "Godfather" of PACE financing -- Cisco earned national recognition for having invented the PACE Financing concept, and he led the implementation of the country's first ever PACE program in Berkeley.  Driven by a desire to bring smart energy and water investment opportunities to more and more property owners, and the job creation and business growth benefits that come with those investments, Cisco's vision and that of the entire company's is to deliver a win for property owners, a win for local economies, and a win for the planet.  

    CaliforniaFIRST has been available to Danville property owners since March 18, 2015.

    For more information, visit www.CaliforniaFIRST.org or 844-589-7953

        CleanFund Commercial PACE Capital
    CleanFund Commercial PACE Capital provides long-term financing for energy efficiency, water conservation, renewable energy, and seismic improvements to commercial properties. CleanFund's PACEDirect flexible financing program enables property owners to install modern energy and water technology with no up-front cost, increasing property cash flows and value. CleanFund's SolarPACE financing specifically addresses the demands of commercial property owners enabling immediate positive cash flow, with a financing term of up to 30 years. CleanFund provides capital using Property Assessed Clean Energy ("PACE"), a financing structure adopted in 32 states and the District of Columbia that allows property owners to repay investments for building upgrades and new construction via a new line item on their property tax bill. CleanFund is a direct capital provider focused exclusively on the commercial property sector. With significant expertise in commercial real estate, finance, energy, and PACE policy, CleanFund is uniquely capable of delivering capital efficiently across all jurisdictions in the U.S. with active PACE programs. http://www.cleanfund.com/
        Figtree Financing

    The Figtree Financing PACE program provides 100% upfront financing to residential and commercial property owners for renewable energy, energy efficiency, water efficiency and earthquake retrofit property improvements. Repayment is made through an assessment lien on voluntarily participating properties with flexible repayment terms ranging from 5 to 20 years.

    The Figtree Financing PACE Program was approved by the Danville Town Council in March 2015.  The program is scheduled to be available to Danville property owners in August 2015.


    For more information, visit www.figtreefinancing.com or call 877-577-7373

        HERO Program

    Through partnership with the Town of Danville, HERO is available to Danville customers as an affordable way to make energy efficient, water efficient, and renewable energy upgrades to your home. HERO offers low-fixed interest rates and flexible payment terms of up to 20 years, with repayments made through your property taxes. You can use HERO to finance energy efficient or water conservation projects that can increase your property value, lower your monthly utility bills, make you more comfortable in your home and contribute to making your community more energy independent. HERO is available for a wide array of home energy and water products.

    Available to Danville customers: August 2015

    To find a HERO registered contractor in your area or to apply, call the HERO Hotline at 855-HERO-411 (855-437-6411) or visit www.heroprogram.com/Danville

    HERO is available for commercial properties, call 909-342-4414 or visit www.herocommercial.com

        PACE Funding Group
    Based locally in Los Gatos, PACE Funding Group is excited to be able to make their financing available to property owners within the Town of Danville. PACE Funding Group's financing is available to property owners throughout the State of California for a variety of pre-approved energy efficiency improvements including but not limited to solar electric, solar thermal, HVAC, roofing, windows/doors and water conservation equipment. Through its PACE PowerTool software platform, PACE Funding provides contractors an easy to use tool that quickly generates quotes for eligible projects, fills out customer applications, submits applications for underwriting decision, generates financing documents and e-signs documents, all during a contractor's consultative call with an interested property owner. For more information please check out http://www.pacefunding.com or call 1 844 USE PACE.
        Spruce Finance
    Spruce is a seasoned consumer lender with more than 20 years of experience in solar and efficiency lending, serving tens of thousands of customers around the country. In June, 2016 Spruce completed its first securitization of solar and energy efficiency loans. Spruce is a leader in consumer protection, having pioneered a number of practices that have become that market standard in the residential solar financing industry. Our PACE offering is being designed to provide homeowners, municipalities and other stakeholders with the best possible products and processes. For more information on Spruce's forthcoming residential PACE offering, please visit www.sprucefinance.com
        Ygrene Energy Fund

    Ygrene Energy Fund is a leading developer and administrator of clean energy financing programs throughout California and Florida. Ygrene Works fully funded clean energy programs provide privately funded and immediately accessible financing for renewable, energy efficiency and water conservation upgrades to both commercial and residential property owners at no upfront costs. Over the next five years, Ygrene Works programs are projected to create tens of thousands of local jobs and invest hundreds of millions into local economies. 

    Ygrene was made available to Danville property owners in June 2015.

    For more information, visit www.ygreneworks.com or call 877-819-4736