• Clean Water Program

  • Each year, tons of harmful and dangerous pollutants, bacteria and trash are carried through our neighborhoods and enter local creeks, reservoirs, lakes, the Delta, San Francisco and San Pablo Bays. As water drains from streets, parking lots, and lawns, pollutants are picked up and enter the drainage system through thousands of catch basins throughout Contra Costa County. From there, this untreated polluted water flows through a system of pipes, open channels and creeks into the Delta and Bay.

    The local Danville Clean Water Program regulations affect residents, businesses and Town operations.  The following is a general list of program activities in Danville:

  •     Clean Water Program Overview

    The goal of Danville’s Clean Water Program is to protect local water quality, keep trash and other pollutants away from Contra Costa County waterways, and meet mandated requirements of the Federal Clean Water Act and State Clean Water regulations.  To accomplish these goals, Danville operates a local Clean Water Program in Danville and in addition, has teamed up with all the incorporated cities in Contra Costa County, the Flood Control District and the County in a cooperative effort to operate the Contra Costa Clean Water Program (CCCWP). The Program is committed to reducing storm water pollution by implementing the requirements contained in the Municipal Regional Permit (MRP) issued by the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board (SFRWQCB).  These regional requirements include, but are not limited to, creek monitoring, special studies, public education and outreach activities.

    The Program began in 1992 in accordance with the Towns Clean Water Ordinance.

        Inspection Activities
    Danville Inspection activities include an annual Business Inspection Program and Code Enforcement Program to protect water quality
        Maintenance Activies
    Town Maintenance activities include: inspecting and cleaning Town drainage systems on an annual basis; installation and maintenance of trash removal devices in drain inlets in the downtown area; monthly sweeping of public residential streets and weekly sweeping of public commercial streets (Street Sweeping Schedule & Map); installation and maintenance of new trash and recycling containers downtown; and the application of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices for landscape, pond and building maintenance.
        New Development Regulations
    New development in Danville is also subject to Clean Water regulations. Both commercial and residential development meeting certain thresholds are required to capture and treat all runoff from the development so that only clean stormwater leaves the site. These integrated treatment facilities must be incorporated in each development at the initial planning and design stage. Then at the construction stage, detailed construction plans are plan checked and a long term maintenance and operation plan is developed to ensure that these facilities are maintained by the property owner in the long term.
        Pollution Prevention Outreach
    Pollution prevention outreach is essential to demonstrate to the community and students the importance of pollution prevention.  Annually, the Town conducts classroom and in-field educational opportunities for students, and participates in community fairs and events.