• Parks & Leisure Services Commission

  • The Town Council created the Parks and Leisure Services Commission in 1986 to be their primary advisory body on acquiring, developing, and maintaining park and recreation facilities and providing leisure and human service programs for Town residents. The Town Council appoints the Commission's seven regular members, one alternate member, and one youth commissioner. The Commission holds at least one public meeting per month and invites public participation at all hearings.

    Applicants interested in the Parks and Leisure Services Commission should have demonstrated knowledge of and interest in parks, recreation, cultural arts, or human services. Commissioners average one regular meeting per month and may be required to attend study sessions, meetings of other local agencies and participate in field trips and site visits. In addition, Commissioners are expected to make verbal and written presentations before the Town Council and at other public forums.

  •     Meetings

    The Parks & Leisure Services Commission meets regularly on the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Meeting Hall, 201 Front Street, Danville. A majority of the Commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.


    The Commission shall elect a Chair and a Vice-Chair from among its members. The Chair and the Vice-Chair serve for a term of one year and until the successor of each is appointed and qualified.

        Powers and Duties

    The powers and duties of the Commission are to:

    1. Be the primary advisory body to the Town Council on acquiring the developing park, recreation, cultural, and arts facilities and providing leisure and human service programs for Town residents;
    2. Recommend to the Council for adoption a comprehensive Park, Open Space, Trails, Public Facilities and Recreation Master Plan; review the Plan biannually and recommend revisions as needed to the adopted Plan;
    3. Hold public meetings, conduct surveys, and use other reasonable methods to determine community park, recreation, cultural, and human service needs and recommend actions to meet those needs to the Town Council;
    4. Review site plans for public park, recreation, art, or cultural facilities and recommend plans and specifications to the Council for advertisement for bid;
    5. Review and comment on all subdivisions and other development proposals in which land is proposed for dedication, credit for private open space is requested, projects on school lands or other significant park, creek, trail, or open space concerns exist;
    6. Review and comment on the annual implementation of the Capital Improvement Program;
    7. Recommend to the Council for adoption facility use policies including fees, restrictions, priorities and other concerns and review the adopted policies and fees annually recommending changes as needed;
    8. Review, and recommend revisions to the Community Beautification Plan as necessary;
    9. Consider improvements to the condition of Town recreation facilities annually; and
    10. Perform other duties prescribed by the Council.

    The Town Council, when making appointments to the Commission, gives special consideration to persons who are specially qualified by reason of training, experience, education, occupation or avocation, have demonstrated knowledge of and interest in park, recreation, cultural, or arts facilities, or leisure and human services in the Town of Danville.

        Residency Requirement

    All members of the Commission must be residents of the Town of Danville.

        Role of the Youth Commissioner

    The Town Council appoints one youth commissioner to serve a two-year term on the Commission and represent the interests of Danville youth. The youth commissioner must be a Danville resident of high school age. The youth commissioner has the same obligations and authority of all other commissioners.

        Terms of Office

    With the exception of the youth commissioner, the term of office of each member of the Commission is four (4) years unless otherwise determined by the Town Council. Each member serves until their successor is appointed and qualified.