• Recycling & Green Building

  • What is Green Building?

    Green building is a "Whole-Systems" approach for designing and constructing buildings that conserve energy, water, and material resources and are healthier, safer, and more comfortable.

    In practical terms, green building includes:

    • Using sun & wind to the building's advantage for natural heating, cooling, & daylighting
    • Landscaping with native plants & using water efficiently
    • Building quality, durable structures
    • Insulating well & ventilating appropriately
    • Incorporating salvaged, recycled, & sustainably harvested materials
    • Maintaining healthy indoor air quality with appropriate building techniques & materials
    • Using energy-efficient & water-saving appliances & fixtures
    • Reducing & recycling construction waste

    Learn More about Green Building


    Build It Green

    • Continuing education & networking for public agencies, non-profits, & building professionals
    • Listing of certified green architects & building contractors
    • Materials Database: extensive listing of green products, materials, & technologies available in the Bay Area.
    • Fact sheets, referrals, case studies, events listings, green building links, & in-depth info on green building materials & strategies
    • Green Home Tours, workshops, & presentations

    Build Green Now

    • Green building resources for the general public, design & building professionals, & public agencies
    • Green Building Guidelines for renovations & new construction that have been adopted by or serve as the basis for many green building programs in the San Francisco Bay Area

    United States Green Building Council (USGBC)

    • Extensive collection of green building resources: market research, publications, presentations, & links to additional resources
    • LEED ® Rating System info: case studies, training, certification, workshops

    Flex Your Power

    • Energy efficiency & conservation info for California residents, business, industry, local governments, schools, & agriculture
    • Incentives/rebates, technical assistance, retailers, product guides, case studies & more

    Energy Star

    • Info on energy efficient buildings, appliances & equipment
    • ENERGY STAR appliances & building strategies often qualify for rebates

    DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

    Building Technologies Program

    • Support for R&D activities to improve the energy efficiency of buildings
    • Tools, guidelines, training, & access to technical & financial resources

    Water Wiser

    • News, info, research results, discussion forums, references, calendar of events, & searchable databases
    • Targeted to water conservation professionals, but freely accessible to the general public
    • Links to Water Saver Home (www.h2ouse.org), a virtual encyclopedia of water saving tips for indoor & outdoor uses

    EPA Water Efficiency Program

    • Extensive info & resources on how to use water more efficiently
    • Applicable to all water users from homeowners to governments

    EPA Indoor Air Quality

    • Extensive info & resources on indoor air quality
    • IAQ INFO: hotline to help locate the appropriate info, 800-438-4318

    Health House

    • For Consumers: info on IAQ concerns & tip sheets to help identify & reduce pollutants in the home
    • For Builders: guidelines & Registered House Builder training for building homes with better IAQ