• Pavement Management

  • The Town of Danville Pavement Management Program provides maintenance history and pavement condition index (PCI) for all public streets in Danville using software provided by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. The MTC software is used within the MTC region.

    The Town annually performs pavement maintenance on public streets to the extent that funds are available. Streets are selected based on pavement condition, location, and the type of maintenance application. Maintenance applications are slurry seals, chip seals, and pavement overlays. Slurry and chip seals are thin applications of liquid asphalt mixed with sand or rock chips. Asphalt overlays are 1 to 4-inch thick layers of hot asphalt applied to the road surface. Crack sealing and repair of damaged roadway often precedes the maintenance operation.

    Streets with the same type of maintenance application are grouped together in a pavement maintenance project. This helps to reduce the cost of the project and confines the projects impact to a smaller area of the neighborhood. Streets are also selected based on the PCI. The PCI is determined by field inspection of the actual pavement condition. New streets start at 100 and, as streets age, the rating drops. The Town Council’s goal is an average PCI of 70 or above for the Town’s street system. The average annual expenditure of $1,200,000 is set based on the availability of funds for pavement operations.

  • Proposed Pavement Maintenance Projects for Fiscal Year 2015/16

    The following streets are planned for pavement maintenance treatment starting in June 2016:


    Adagio Drive

    Durham Court

    McCauley Road

    Silver Chief Way

    Adair Court

    Dutch Mill Court

    Merano Street

    Soda Place

    Alexander Lane

    Eastward Lane

    Merrimac Court

    Sorrel Court

    Alice Court

    El Alamo

    Merrimac Place

    St Ann Court

    Arthur Court

    El Capitan Drive

    Milano Court

    St Beatrice Court

    Baldwin Drive

    El Cerro Blvd

    Montana Drive

    St Charles Court

    Barrett Circle

    El Rincon Road

    Monza Court

    St Christopher Drive

    Barrett Court

    Enterprise Drive

    Mustang Court

    St David Drive

    Barton Court

    Fairway Drive

    Mustang Drive

    St Jean Court

    Belgian Drive

    Farm Hill Court

    Navajo Place

    St Joan Court

    Blair Court

    Fountain Springs Circle

    Novara Court

    St Luke Court

    Bormio Court

    Fountain Springs Drive

    Old Farm Court

    St Mark Court

    Bower Place

    Gatetree Court

    Old Farm Road

    St Maurice Court

    Brightwood Circle

    Gatetree Drive

    Princeton Court

    St Patricks Court

    Brightwood Way

    Gelding Court

    Princeton Lane

    St Patricks Drive

    Brooktree Drive

    Glen Court

    Reading Place

    St Timothy Court

    Buena Vista Drive

    Glen Hollow Road

    Remington Court

    St Vincent Court

    Burgess Court

    Glen Road

    Remington Drive

    Starview Drive

    Camaritas Court

    Glenwood Court

    Remington Loop

    Starview Place

    Camaritas Way

    Grado Court

    Richard Court

    Sunglen Way

    Cambridge Court

    Greenbrook Drive

    Richard Lane

    Sunhaven Road

    Camino Encanto

    Greenwood Court

    Ridgeland Circle

    Sycamore Valley Road

    Camino Tassajara

    Gwen Court

    Ridgeland Drive

    Tim Court

    Cavalry Court

    Hap Terrace

    Rima Court

    Torino Court

    Century Circle

    Hartford Road

    Roan Drive

    Tyrrel Court

    Century Way

    Heather Place

    Robyn Drive

    Tyson Court

    Clarita Place

    Hermosa Court

    Rovigo Court

    Van Gordon Place

    Clover Hill Court

    Hornet Court

    Royal Palm Place

    Verona Avenue

    Clydesdale Drive

    Hornet Drive

    Rutherford Drive

    Via Hermosa

    Contada Circle

    Hunters Terrace

    Savona Court

    Vicenza Court

    Corte Encanto

    La Questa Drive

    Scotch Court

    Vista Del Diablo

    Corte Nogal

    Lancelot Court

    Scout Place

    Volterra Court

    Crownridge Drive

    Leafield Road

    Shadewell Court

    Westward Lane

    Crownridge Terrace

    Magee Ranch Road

    Shadewell Drive

    Windover Drive

    Danvilla Court

    Margone Court

    Shana Court

    Windover Terrace

    Dartmouth Place

    Marseille Court

    Shelly Place



    See Project C-595 for more information about expenditures and funding.

  • Completed Pavement Maintenance Projects for Fiscal Year 2014/15

    The following streets received pavement maintenance during the 2014/15 fiscal year:  

    Bali Court

    Foothill Court

    MacKenzie Place

    Remington Drive

    Barrons Place

    Gerald Drive

    MacPherson Place

    Sabina Court

    Brookside Drive

    Golden Hills Court

    Matadera Court

    San Rey Place

    Brooktree Drive

    Greenlawn Drive

    Mia Court

    Scotts Mill Road

    Camino Tassajara

    Haven Hill Court

    Mission Drive

    Senca Court

    Carole Meadows Court

    Horizon Court

    Mission Place

    Stanton Court

    Casita Court

    Hunters Terrace

    Morninghome Road

    Sycamore Valley Road

    Celine Court

    Indian Home Road

    Morris Ranch Court

    Thornhill Road

    Cerro Court

    Larkstone Court

    New Boston Court

    Tunbridge Road

    Devonshire Court

    Leeds Court East

    Plata Court

    Verde Mesa Drive

    Dover Court

    Lomitas Road

    Pulido Court

    Verona Court

    Eastward Lane

    Luree Court

    Pulido Road

    Ynez Circle

    Elati Court

    Luz Court

    Quivira Court


    Everett Drive

    MacGregor Place

    Raven Court


  • For a summary of the Town of Danville's Pavement Program, see the following links below:

    Pavement Management Program Overview

    For recent PCI values for all publicly-maintained streets in Danville: Pavement Condition Index (PCI) for Public Streets .

    For a comparison of pavement condition in Danville to other neighboring communities check out the MTC's website by clicking here


    For specific projects either planned or under construction, visit our Projects page .