Keeping it Green - Landscape Maintenance

Beautiful and well-maintained parks help make Danville a special place

Within the Town of Danville there are approximately 250 acres of combined landscaping within the parks and roadsides that are maintained to high standards that help make Danville a special place to live.

Maintenance of these landscaped areas is accomplished through a combination of in-house and contracted efforts. Landscape contracts are awarded for maintenance in both the parks and roadsides and everything from mowing to fertilization are part of these contracts. Frequencies for the number of pruning cycles, mowings, fertilizations, etc. are all spelled out in these contracts.

The look of Danville is accomplished through the efforts of in-house staff that monitors and repairs the irrigation systems, to the contractors that perform the more routine maintenance tasks. Keeping the parks, sports fields and roadside landscape areas in healthy, viable and aesthetically pleasing condition is a daunting task that staff believes adds to the quality of life that residents have come to know and enjoy.

Another way that Town staff serve as stewards of our green spaces, is by working with volunteer groups to take advantage of these resources, such as the women’s garden clubs that assist in pruning and maintaining the rose boxes at Osage Station Park. Other volunteer groups assist in painting of the park fences, refinishing benches and adding bark mulch at sites. All of these volunteers help the Town to provide the high level of service residents have come to expect without incurring ever-increasing maintenance costs.

Annually Town staff conducts a rose pruning class at Osage Station Park to teach the public how to properly prune and maintain roses. The knowledge gained from this session can transcend to the maintenance at private residences. The Town also has 30 sports fields that are primarily maintained by in-house staff. Everything from aeration, fertilization with organic fertilizer to renovation of the dirt baseball infields is conducted throughout the year by staff.

Typically on December 1st all natural grass sports fields are closed as part of the sports field moratorium. This allows these fields to rest and recuperate from the extensive amount of use throughout the various sports seasons. It also protects these fields from use during the rainy months when overly wet conditions and high use can lead to severe damage. By allowing the fields to rest and recover during the winter months the sports fields have a much better chance of surviving the spring, summer and fall sports seasons.

The past several years have been very challenging in maintaining landscaped areas in both parks and roadsides due to the watering restrictions and abnormally dry periods created by 5 years of drought. The Town completed a capital improvement project recently that replaced the central irrigation system which helped to better monitor water use and apply water at all sites in a more efficient manner.

Staff continues to look at opportunities to transform some high water use landscape areas to lower water use, and utilize drought-tolerant plant material while attempting to not compromise the aesthetic value these areas bring to the community.

For more information regarding Town landscape maintenance please call the Town’s Maintenance Services Department at 314-3450.