Working to Catch Package Thieves

Danville police using a variety of methods to catch thieves

Over the past two weeks, Danville Police has received reports of packages being stolen off of front porches by unknown individuals.  Due to the number of people shopping online and having their purchases delivered during the holiday season, those crimes have risen recently. 

Police Chief Steve Simpkins said that they are employing several different strategies in order to catch the suspects in the case. Some of these include:

*     Having officers assigned to a unit working on property crime
*     Undercover enforcement in areas where the thefts are occurring
*     Using special 'bait boxes' equipped with gps tracking devices
*     Collaborating with investigators in neighboring agencies to correlate suspects in similar incidents

Simpkins said that while the Danville Police Department is doing all they can to catch the perpetrators, residents can take some measures to reduce their chance of being victimized by these criminals. 

*     Make sure your video security system is visible and position correctly to get a good view of someone approaching your front door.
*     Have UPS, USPS, DHL or Fed Ex staff hold packages at their terminal for pickup
*     Ask for package delivery to your workplace instead of to your home
*     Require a signature on all deliveries    

Simpkins added that working together as a neighborhood and keeping an eye out for anything suspicious can go a long way to helping. Several residents have already provided PD with photos and descriptions of suspected package thieves, which will assist detectives with locating the criminals. 

"It's very important to let us know when you see something out of the ordinary," Simpkins said. "If you see it, call us. Dial 911 or call (925) 820-2144. That way we can get out there and check it out."

For more information, contact Lt. Allan Shields at (925) 314-3700 or