Hartz Avenue Beautification Project Beginning Soon

Changes coming to north end of Danville's downtown

Changes are on the way for the north end of Hartz Avenue, as part of a plan to upgrade the venerable northern section of Downtown Danville.


For several years the Town has contemplated sidewalk and roadway upgrades to extend the charm and character of Danville’s historic downtown to the northern retail area. Some of those imagined upgrades included antique street lamps, brick-banded sidewalks, and rows of street trees.


With the recent acquisition of right-of-way from adjoining property owners, the Town is now poised to bring the dream to reality with a $1.9 million project to beautify the Hartz Avenue streetscape between Railroad Avenue and Diablo Road. Diagonal public parking will replace spaces that currently abut buildings. In addition, the project includes drainage improvements and street repairs. Unneeded pavement will be replaced with ornamental landscaping including areas designed to filter rainwater before it drains to San Ramon Creek. The project will bring a renewed look and vitality to this important retail area.


Construction of the project, which is expected to get underway in the fall of 2013, will begin with the relocation of existing buried utilities. Electricity, telephone, cable, gas, and water services will be moved beneath the proposed sidewalk. The Town has engaged the various utility companies in discussions to move these services in advance of the road work. When this initial project phase is completed in early 2014, roadway improvements will commence.


A flurry of activity will be evident as concrete is poured, pavement is laid, and street trees are planted.


During this ongoing project, the Town will do everything possible to assure that access to all of the stores and restaurants along that stretch of roadway remain unobstructed.


This project represents another investment in Danville’s downtown as part of the Town’s Capital Improvement Program. Residents are encouraged to walk, dine, and shop while patronizing local businesses. And please remember to Shop Danville First.


For more information about this project, contact Senior Civil Engineer Michael Stella, P.E. (925) 314-3316 or mstella@danville.ca.gov.