Danville Hotel Demolition Plans Moving Forward

Fencing to go up in December, demolition to begin in January

Beginning in early December, Castle Companies (co-owners of the Danville Hotel property) will begin installing a perimeter fence around the Danville Hotel property in preparation for upcoming demolition of the site in January.  The fencing will also allow the specialized contractors to complete asbestos abatement work within a secured site during the month of December.

On Railroad and Hartz Avenues, the fence would be located generally behind the sidewalk, allowing pedestrians access along both of these roadways.  On Prospect Avenue, the fence would be placed at the back of the curb to permit sufficient space to demolish the existing buildings located against the sidewalk.  Therefore, pedestrian traffic along Prospect Avenue would need to be detoured to the northern side of the street. 

Inquiries related to site demolition or construction activities should be directed to Castle Companies at (925) 328-1000